and i haven’t got a stitch to wear

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Newcastle train station


Newcastle train station

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black cat..

i hate boys wooo

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i’m bored of tumblr it’s shit and pointless

it’s boring and is now just being used for little teenage girls and boys to talk about music and crap and for clothing retailers to premote their stock by saying “reblog for a chance to win”. tumblr is 4 losers. 

i’ll probably be back in a week but w.e bye

Just sat around feeling glum I need to sort my hair out

instead i’m stalking willow awh i miss wills i haven’t seen her since january 19th xxxxxxxx love you willow

i do enjoy reading horrors blogs, i mean mine used to be one i guess, but do these young girls (and boys) realise how much them telling the world how much they love the horrors could be damaging their chances if they ever wanted to get to know them (as they mention frequently). It must really be weird for them to read all of it, if they ever do, that’s why i kind of stopped a few weeks ago. Don’t get me wrong i love the horrors music and they’re pretty pleasing to look at and whenever i speak to them i can see that they are lovely boys men, but i think that some of the girls on here seem to just love them for their looks and things they see them as a phase while being a ‘horror’ is, as much as they would deny, ‘hip’. I don’t know this is pointless, but the horrors are fab, yet my opinion on horrors fan girls and boys has changed so much. After all i was a regular offender.

fuck anyone you want to not me though woooooowowow